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Alexander Roitburd: The Visionary Ukrainian Artist


Alexander Roitburd was a Ukrainian artist who was known for his unique and eclectic style. He was born on October 14, 1961, in Odessa, Ukraine, and he passed away on August 8, 2021, in Kyiv. Roitburd was not only a talented artist, but he was also the director of the Odessa Art Museum and a member of the Odessa Regional Council. He was a representative of the New Ukrainian Wave, a term used to describe the emergence of avant-garde artists in Ukraine in the 1980s.

Early Life and Education

Roitburd was born into a family of intellectuals, and his mother was a doctor. From a young age, he showed an interest in art, and his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion. He attended the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky in Odessa, where he studied art history and theory.

Artistic Career

Roitburd’s artistic style was characterized by a combination of different techniques and media, such as painting, sculpture, installation, and video art. His works were often inspired by popular culture, history, and politics. Roitburd was also known for his use of bright colors and bold, graphic shapes. One of his most famous series of works is the “Temple Paintings,” which he created in the 1990s. The series was inspired by the religious iconography of the Eastern Orthodox Church, but Roitburd added his own twist to the images. The paintings feature bold, abstract shapes and vibrant colors, which create a dynamic and powerful effect. Roitburd’s work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums around the world, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Saatchi Gallery in London, and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow. In addition to his paintings, he was also a prolific writer and author of several books, including “Tampliers” and “MORE.”


Roitburd’s influence on the Ukrainian art scene cannot be overstated. He was a key figure in the New Ukrainian Wave, which was a movement that sought to break away from the rigid, Soviet-style art that had dominated the country for decades. Roitburd’s work was a breath of fresh air, and it inspired a new generation of artists to experiment with new forms and techniques. In addition to his artistic legacy, Roitburd also left a mark on Ukrainian society and politics. He was an active member of the Odessa Regional Council and a supporter of the “European Solidarity” party. His contributions to Ukrainian culture and politics will not be forgotten.


Alexander Roitburd was a visionary artist who challenged the status quo and paved the way for a new generation of Ukrainian artists. His unique style and innovative approach to art have left a lasting impression on the art world. Despite his untimely passing, Roitburd’s legacy will continue to inspire and influence artists for years to come.