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Exploring the Artistic Style of Abstract Paintings


Abstract art is a style of painting that emphasizes the use of form, color, and texture to create compositions that are not representative of any tangible objects or recognizable forms. In abstract art, the focus is on the expression of emotions and ideas through the use of color, shape, and texture, rather than on representing a specific image or scene. This category of art includes a variety of subcategories, but here we will focus on the broader style of abstract painting.

The History of Abstract Painting

Abstract art emerged in the early 20th century as a reaction against the traditional styles of painting that had dominated the art world for centuries. Artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich sought to create a new form of art that would reflect the changing world around them. They believed that by breaking away from the conventions of representational art, they could better express the inner emotions and experiences of the modern era.

The Characteristics of Abstract Painting

One of the defining characteristics of abstract painting is the use of color. Artists who work in this style often use bright, bold colors to create an emotional impact on the viewer. They may also use contrasting colors to create a sense of tension or harmony within the composition.

Another key feature of abstract painting is the use of form and shape. Artists may use geometric shapes or organic forms to create a sense of movement or depth within the composition. They may also use texture to create a tactile quality to the painting.

Popular Abstract Painting Techniques

There are a variety of techniques that artists use to create abstract paintings. Some artists work in a spontaneous, gestural style, using quick brushstrokes and drips of paint to create a sense of movement and energy within the painting. Other artists work in a more controlled manner, carefully layering and blending colors to create a more harmonious composition.

The Significance of Abstract Painting

Abstract painting has had a profound impact on the art world and has influenced many other styles of painting. It has also been used as a form of political and social commentary, as artists have used the medium to express their views on issues such as war, poverty, and environmentalism.


Abstract painting is a diverse and complex style of art that has captivated audiences for over a century. Its ability to evoke emotion and express complex ideas through color and form has made it a significant and influential force in the art world. Whether you are a fan of abstract painting or just learning about the style, there is no denying the impact that it has had on the world of art.