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Painting size

35cm x 35cm (13.77 x 13.77 inches)




The painting “Lemon” by Ukrainian artist Natalia Bernashevska features a still life of lemons, both whole and sliced, with leaves attached. The lemons are presented on a striking blue background, which accentuates the vibrant yellow hue of the fruit.

Bernashevska’s masterful use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the painting, creating a sense of texture and tactile presence. The lemons’ rinds are rendered with a rough, almost palpable texture, while their inner flesh glows with a luminous quality.

The juxtaposition of the bright, sunny lemons against the cool blue background creates a dynamic interplay of color and mood. The painting radiates a sense of freshness and vitality, evoking the sensation of biting into a juicy, zesty lemon.

Overall, “Lemon” is a captivating tribute to the simple beauty and sensory richness of the natural world, and a testament to the artist’s skill in capturing the essence of her subject matter.

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